Irish Life // Month #11 recap and photos

Irish Life Month #11

My March could definitely be considered the month of concerts.

Between seeing ADELE, Grimes, and The 1975 in concert, there were a few pretttty big events in Ireland. A little something known as St. Patrick’s Day, and the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

So, it was definitely an fun and busy month!

March started with an UNBELIEVABLE Adele concert in Dublin’s 3Arena. Although she was playing 2 days, tickets for both sold out in seconds (obviously). But, I somehow managed to snag two, and had been looking forward to it for months!

To say she was phenomenal live is an understatement. Not only was her voice so beautiful and powerful, but she was also HILARIOUS. I thought the whole evening was going to be sad because her songs are so depressing, but she was so funny and entertaining that it was a light-hearted affair! And, in true Irish fashion, Irish celebs Hozier and Colin Farrell were there in the VIP section! Needless to say, I have an even bigger girl crush on her now than I did before.

Shortly after that, Paddy’s Day fever was in full swing. We had friends over from the US, so the pressure was on to show them a good time. That’s not hard to do in Ireland, of course! Especially because the weather was so nice!

Their visit started off with a Game of Thrones tour leaving from Dublin early in the morning and going around some key areas of Northern Ireland used in filming, before returning to Dublin at night. The weather was amazing, the scenery was spectacular. And it didn’t hurt that we got to wear cloaks, hold swords, and pet a dire wolf too…

Of course, Paddy’s day was “great craic”, which you can read about more in-depth here. It was so fun hopping around Dublin with a big group of friends from home and experience my first St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin with familiar faces!

Another highlight of the month was going horseback riding right outside of Dublin, which left me sore and smelly, but was so fun. That’s one of the great things about Dublin – it’s so easy to find some amazing outdoor activities right outside of the city. Although I had a guide that helped me steer the hour up a mountain and along creeks and rocky terrain, I still felt like a pro on that horse…

Finally, the month ended with a 4-day Easter weekend. The long weekend started with another amazing concert at the 3Arena, the 1975 (one of my faves), and ended with the nation-wide celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. I had so much Irish pride even though I’m not even the slightest bit Irish! (Read more about the festivities here).

Spring is slowly creeping up on Dublin, and I can taste summer just around the corner…last summer in Dublin was absolutely amazing, so I can’t wait to see what this summer has in store! Because I’m comfortable with my surroundings, have great friends, and actually know what I’m doing now, I have a feeling this summer will be even better than the last!


Here is a recap of my 11th month of Irish life, in photos!

Adele at the 3 Arena Dublin   Adele at the 3 Arena DublinAdele at the 3 Arena DublinPaddy's Day 2016Paddy's Day 2016Game of Thrones tourGame of Thrones tourIrish Life Mont #11   Irish Life Mont #11   Irish Life Mont #11   horse back riding   horse back ridingIrish Life Month #11The 19751916 Easter Rising Centenary1916 Easter Rising Centenary   Smithfield Market street art