Irish Life // Month #10 recap and photos

Irish life month #10

Although February is a shorter month than most, I managed to squeeze in a lot in these 28 29 days.

From saying goodbye to a friend moving to Canada, to birthdays and house parties, to roommate dinners and work nights out, to moving apartments, to exploring more of Dublin and its thrift stores.. OH, and of course, for quick but fantastic little getaway to Strasbourg, France and Frankfurt, Germany.

So yeah, one could say this month was pretty dang epic.

As I mentioned in my review last month, I was going into a bit of stress this month as we were forced to look for another apartment in Dublin’s insane rental market. Times were tough….I can’t even begin to describe the stress of finding a decently priced and decently located apartment here. You can go to a viewing and love the place. Offer to sign a lease and put down the deposit right then and there. But then there’s like 100 other people fighting for the same place and the landlord doesn’t want to commit to anyone until they find a rich businessman who wants the place and can afford it all on his own. UGH.

But, after many stressful days and sleepless nights, we finally found a place! But not only did we find a place, we found a place that’s about 3x the size of our old apartment in a great little area! Now, it’s no Temple Bar, but our new neighborhood Smithfield has got it’s own charming spots. A few cute coffee shops, an organic food store, a really nice indie cinema, and (of course, I mean it IS Ireland) pubs aplenty.

So over the course of a few days we moved right across the river. I didn’t even have time to unpack, to get settled, as I had to pack a small bag and head to Strasbourg for a long weekend (booked WAYYY before all of this apartment drama, of course.)

Although the timing couldn’t have been worse, in a way it also couldn’t have been better. I was able to drop the stress, literally drop my bags and leave to the fairytale town of Strasbourg. I mean, this place was UNREAL. Pastel colored houses, German-style bars, calm rivers criss-crossing through the city, cute families strolling around with even cuter dogs…It was a great way to forget about the busy and stressful previous weeks and step into a dream.

After a Disclosure concert, countless miles sightseeing, and enough bread and cheese consumption to last a lifetime, my quick little trip was over and it was back to the old D-town, where I got to explore more of my new neighborhood and discovered lots of vintage/thrift stores along the way!

This month, I’ve got lots of cf concerts to look forward to like Grimes, The 1975, and the one and only ADELE! May or may not squeeze in a trip to Edinburgh over Easter weekend, and I’m sure there will be many great adventures along the way!

Here is a recap of my 10th month of Irish life, in photos!

Pink Door   Vintage Cocktail Club   Strasbourg, FranceDisclosureStrasbourg, FranceStrasbourg, FranceFrankfurt, GermanyDream house   From Dublin With LoveVote Yes For LoveDublin Flea Market   Smithfield