Cliff Walking in Howth, Ireland

Cliff Walking in Howth

As much as I love city life, it’s sometimes nice to escape the busy streets, constant cars, and general hustle and bustle of Dublin.

When I first moved to Dublin I posted about the cute little village of Howth, just a 20-30 minute train ride North of Dublin’s city centre. Besides being a great and easily assessable getaway for anyone living in Dublin, it’s also great for visitors wanting to see a bit more of the renowned Irish landscape that may not have the time/money to travel far (a day return ticket on the DART train to Howth is only €6!!!)

The best part of this cliff walk, and the day in general, is that I hadn’t planned it at all. I had heard about the cliff walk, but I thought it was just a short trail. We ended up walking for hours (because we chose the longest trail of the 3 options).

If you want to see some breathtaking Irish nature and stunning views, this is something I DEFINITELY recommend.

There are 3 different paths, or “loops,” to choose from:

  1. Cliff Path Loop

    Length: 6 km / 3.73 mi
    Climb: 130 m
    Estimated Time: 2 hrs

  2. Black Linn Loop

    Length: 8 km / 4.97 mi
    Climb: 160
    Estimated Time: 2 hrs 30 mins

  3. Bog of Frogs Loop

    Length: 12 km / 7.46 mi
    Climb: 240 m
    Estimated time: 3 hrs

All 3 loops start on the main road in Howth, and pass the harbor and lighthouse. They take you past a little hidden beach and gorgeous houses on the coast before eventually splitting off their separate ways. Each path is clearly marked with it’s own color, and there are signs frequently on the trail so you don’t get lost!

Of course, we chose the Bog of Frogs Loop, AKA the longest one. This particular walk goes along the cliffs to beyond Red Rock, passing the Baily Lighthouse, and then climbing to circle the Ben of Howth to return along the old tramline. The views of Lambay Island and Ireland’s Eye as well as Dublin Bay are spectacular. The cliffs are great for birds and grey seals may also be seen near the harbor!

We also took much more than 3 hours to complete it because we stopped a lot to take photos and relaxed at a beach and on top of the cliffs. On several occasions we literally had to stop because we were in such awe of the view, and the fact that it felt like we had just stumbled upon these trails; like it was our little secret. Because we had just stumbled upon these trails, and because we didn’t encounter too many people along the way, what was supposed to be a casual day in Howth ended up being a truly memorable day.

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A fun way to exercise? Check. Fresh air? Check. Stunning views? Double check. And SOOOO MUCHHHH GREEENNNN EVERYWHEREE. Talk about the quintessential Irish landscape!

I can’t say enough good things about cliff walking in Howth. I definitely recommend doing any of these 3 trails, for anyone in and around Dublin! Again, its the perfect way to see some great Irish landscape for anyone who doesn’t have time to make it out to some of the more well-known spots, like the Cliffs of Moher. For more information on these 3 loops in Howth and other trails in Ireland, check out this super helpful website on Irish trails!

Whatcha think? Like hiking? Anyone up for a crisp, leisurely hike? You’ll thank me later.