5 European Cities That Were a Bit of a Let Down

5 European Cities That Were a Bit of a Let Down

5 European Cities That Were a Bit of a Let Down

During my travels, there have been cities that were a let down. I’ve sometimes found that what I thought a place was going to be like and what it was actually like are two totally different things. Usually, being in a new place, discovering the unknown, wandering streets and getting lost, and experiencing new architecture and culture leads to a great experience. Traveling around, you’re seeing these new places through rose-colored glasses.

Well, most of time.

Other times, I take a trip somewhere and leave underwhelmed and unimpressed. There could be a lot of factors for why I end up thinking “this place just didn’t cut it”. It could’ve been because of the weather. It could’ve been who I was with. It could’ve been because I was comparing it to the amazing place I had visited right before. It could’ve been that I didn’t have enough time there. Or, it could’ve been that I hyped it up so much in my head that it was destined to not live up to my expectations.

Throughout my many travels throughout Europe over the years, I can think of a few places I visited that I’m not in any rush to go back to. The majority of places that I’ve visited have been absolutely amazing, but there are a handful of places that were just OK. Here are 5 of those European cities that were a let down for me.


August Wallpaper

Friday Freebie! // Desktop Wallpapers

August Wallpaper

Happy Friday everyone!

Because I’m in the spirit of giving, and OK…because I was a bit bored one night…I made a couple of desktop wallpapers that I want to share with you all! It’s a bit late for the August one but oh well. I tried to take advantage of it being the end of summer so I chose to use 2 of my favorite photos from my trip to Cinque Terre, Italy last summer.

I hope to make this a monthly thing from now on!

So pick a desktop, find your screen size, and enjoy!


Wanderlust: A Diary and Travel Guide to Western Europe

When Travel Meets Graphic Design

Wanderlust: A Diary and Travel Guide to Western Europe
So for those of you who don’t know, I’m a Graphic Designer. I graduated from LSU with a graphic design degree, and currently work in Baton Rouge in a communications firm. When I was in school, I would always seize the opportunity to mix my love of graphic design with my love of traveling. Of course, the projects assigned to us didn’t always allow that…


Holiday Wish List

Alright Santa, I’ve been good this year…

With the holidays right around the corner, I’ve been doing some prowling of Pinterest trying to find things to ask ol’ Santy Clause for. I came across so many things I would love to have on my next trip! I picked my top 6 to share!

Travel Holiday Wish List

  1. I absolutely love these Filson bags. I found the duffle here on Nordstrom’s website, and came across the rolling suitcase on the Brooks Brothers site here. Getting the set would cost a pretty penny (and I am le poor right now) but just give me a minute while I drool over those beautiful bags. How stylish would you look walking around an airport with this set?
  2. This book seems like it was written FOR ME. I graduated in May and I’m really not a huge fan of the “real world” thusfar. I’m actually in the process of making some long-term travel/living plans with a good friend of mine to delay this 9-5 office life for as long as possible. So, I feel like this book would give me the inspiration and tips that I so, so need.
  3. I am a huge, huge fan of Ray Ban aviator sunglasses. And I especially love this take on the classic, with a brown turtle frame and brown lenses. They are simple and classic and would go with any outfit on your vacation. GIMME.
  4. Gosh I love this necklace. This is seriously a great gift for anyone you know who’s an avid traveler. And the best part is, its only $20! Find it online here.
  5. I have a pair of Arizona Birkenstocks just like these (but black) and I LOVE them. After a trip where I made the mistake of only packing sandals which ultimately led to tons of blisters (and, if I’m honest, a little bit of blood), I vowed to find a way to have cute footwear that was still great for walking. I invested in a pair of Birkenstocks and they served me so well on my month-long trip through Europe last summer. Not only are they so comfortable, but they’re in style as well. I’m all about comfort when walking down old, uneven European streets, but I absolutely refuse to be “that” tourist in jeans and tennis shoes. With Birks, you can look stylish without having your feet screaming at you. I would love to add this fun pink/purple color Birkenstock to my wardrobe to have varying options to wear on my next big trip.
  6. I love this passport cover from Coach because its sleek and has other pockets inside for your other cards. And since its Coach, you know its going to be good quality leather. This is a great gift for any frequent flyer!

Happy shopping!

At it again!

I leave for another Europe trip tomorrow! I cannot even explain how excited I am for another adventure!

This time around, I’ll be traveling in a group of 7 girls. We start in Ireland and make our way through the UK then on to Germany, Austria, Italy, then back over to Portugal.

I’m not bringing my computer this go-roung though, because its just too heavy and I’m trying to only bring necessities this time! But I’ll be sure to blog about EVERYTHING when I return.

I think I’m most excited for Edinburgh, Scotland and Lisbon, Portugal. But definitely Lisbon in particular, because I’ve heard its so underrated and absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to get lost in its winding, hilly streets.

I’m also SUPPPERRR pumped to be going to TWO international music festivals! I will be attending the Isle of Wight Festival at the Isle of Wight (an island off the coast of England, NBD) for a day and Optimus Alive Festival in Lisbon for a day to end the trip!

I hope I’ll be able to update a little (even though I’m not bringing my computer). If not, I’m definitely going to be blogged extensively when I return!