Irish Life // Month #7 recap and photos

Ireland Month #7

We’re over the halfway mark :( :( :( :( :( OK you get it, I’m sad.

The month of November will be known to me as The Month Where Not Much Happened.

Yeah, my hectic and crazy streak over the past 2 months was bound to come to an end sometime. So to be honest, this month didn’t have too much going on.

Not only that, but this month was also when I’ve started to feel the most homesick. Can you believe it? I’m usually not the kind of person that gets homesick AT ALL, but I think it started to hit that this will be the first time being away from home for the holidays, so Thanksgiving was a bit hard for me.

But even so, I’m loving life here anyway (obviously). I had fun with my co-workers at at a few evening events, I got to see some great DJs playing around Dublin, I cooked good ol’ cajun Jambalaya to give me a taste of home. And best of all, I got to experience the beginning of Christmas season here in Ireland!

Can’t wait to see what December holds! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, so I have high hopes! I’ll be hitting up the Dublin Christmas Market, I’ll be in London for Christmas, and I’ll probably watch Love Actually about 24357685434 times.

Here are a few pictures of my generally calm 7th month of Irish life. No beautiful, adventurous pictures, mostly just pictures of me hanging out with my friends!

But I promise, next month I’ll have some great ones for you!

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