Hometown Homage // Why I Love Lafayette

Why I Love Lafayette

In light of recent events, I wanted to take a break from posts about places far and wide and focus on the place I grew up and have lived practically all my life – Lafayette, Louisiana.

Now, Lafayette is an amazing place, often overshadowed by tourists and news by New Orleans. Last year, Lafayette gained a lot of national news coverage when a study showed that it was the “Happiest City in the United States.” We Lafayette natives were proud that our city, our little city, was finally getting the attention it deserved.

However, more recently, Lafayette gained national again – but this time for a reason no one saw coming, and a reason no one was happy about. There was a shooting in a local movie theater, a movie theater that I went to all the time back when I was in Lafayette, a movie theater that many of my friends live near. Two girls were killed, and about nine others injured.