Iceland, In Photos

Iceland In Photos

So, I’m basically obsessed with Iceland.

I came back from my trip over a month ago with 2,000+ photos of the cool city of Reykjavik, mountains, glaciers, caves, fissures, and about 43,039 different waterfalls.

The diverse landscape was the most stunning and naturally beautiful one I’ve ever seen. I mean….REALLY cool stuff happens over there – hot water shoots up from the earth, tectonic plates shift and create a huge (and beautiful) fissure, glacial ice melts into a lagoon you can swim in, just to name a few. All this within the backdrop of moody Autumn skies, and my picture-taking-loving heart was in heaven.

I can’t wait to share in detail about my adventures there, as well as share a few tips of places you MUST be sure to check out on your visit there AND ways to travel Iceland on a budget.

But until then, feast your eyes on my favorite pictures from the trip. Iceland is STUNNING, you guys.