5 European Cities That Were a Bit of a Let Down

5 European Cities That Were a Bit of a Let Down

During my travels, there have been cities that were a let down. I’ve sometimes found that what I thought a place was going to be like and what it was actually like are two totally different things. Usually, being in a new place, discovering the unknown, wandering streets and getting lost, and experiencing new architecture and culture leads to a great experience. Traveling around, you’re seeing these new places through rose-colored glasses.

Well, most of time.

Other times, I take a trip somewhere and leave underwhelmed and unimpressed. There could be a lot of factors for why I end up thinking “this place just didn’t cut it”. It could’ve been because of the weather. It could’ve been who I was with. It could’ve been because I was comparing it to the amazing place I had visited right before. It could’ve been that I didn’t have enough time there. Or, it could’ve been that I hyped it up so much in my head that it was destined to not live up to my expectations.

Throughout my many travels throughout Europe over the years, I can think of a few places I visited that I’m not in any rush to go back to. The majority of places that I’ve visited have been absolutely amazing, but there are a handful of places that were just OK. Here are 5 of those European cities that were a let down for me.