Long overdue.


So basically, I suck.

Not only did I say I was going to post updates while I was on my trip, but I also said I would start posting about my trip in detail when I returned.

Well, I did neither. But I can justify it!

During my trip I didn’t bring my computer. Now while I know I can still blog from my phone, I was honestly just having such an amazing time that that was the last thing on my mind. Not only that, but I got so little sleep every night because we had such busy day (and nights) that when I finally did have some down time on a train, plane, or bus, I was either looking at the gorgeous scenery outside OR was passed out.

As of my excuse to my lack of blogging since I’ve been back (its been a little over a month) well….I’ve moved cities, moved into a new apartment, started my first big-girl job, partied in New Oreleans, and have been working on updating my portfolio site, which can be found here (shameless plug, I know).

So basically, I went from a fairytale vacation to being thrown head first into the “real world”…all the while with that Paramore song playing on repeat in my head.

But now I’ve settled into a routine (which is only semi-hectic) and can’t wait to start sharing stories about my adventures (especially my trip to Europe) with you guys!

Stayed tuned! I promise I’ll try to work on being less sucky and post a lot more often!


At it again!

I leave for another Europe trip tomorrow! I cannot even explain how excited I am for another adventure!

This time around, I’ll be traveling in a group of 7 girls. We start in Ireland and make our way through the UK then on to Germany, Austria, Italy, then back over to Portugal.

I’m not bringing my computer this go-roung though, because its just too heavy and I’m trying to only bring necessities this time! But I’ll be sure to blog about EVERYTHING when I return.

I think I’m most excited for Edinburgh, Scotland and Lisbon, Portugal. But definitely Lisbon in particular, because I’ve heard its so underrated and absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to get lost in its winding, hilly streets.

I’m also SUPPPERRR pumped to be going to TWO international music festivals! I will be attending the Isle of Wight Festival at the Isle of Wight (an island off the coast of England, NBD) for a day and Optimus Alive Festival in Lisbon for a day to end the trip!

I hope I’ll be able to update a little (even though I’m not bringing my computer). If not, I’m definitely going to be blogged extensively when I return!

Local Natives

Local Natives

Local Natives

So last night I attended the Local Natives concert at the Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge, LA. I have heard sooo many great things about this band since a few of my friends saw them at Bonnaroo in 2011. So, I wanted to check out their live performance for myself. I had heard a little bit of their new album “Hummingbird,” but was more familiar with their older one, “Gorilla Manor.”