Irish Life // Month #6 recap and photos

Ireland Month #6

How was everyone’s Halloween? Mine was fantastic…the perfect way to ring in not only the end of October, but the end of our 6th month living in Ireland, meaning we’re halfway there! (singing “Livin’ On a Prayer” as I typed that FYI).

When October started I was in Croatia, and when October ended I was in Galway celebrating Halloween, with a few concerts (Diplo and James Bay) and a trip to Cork for the Cork Jazz Festival in between. So I definitely got my travel in! But with this being the official halfway mark of our year-long visa, I can’t help but start to think about life after our Visa is up and begin to research what I can do to be able to stay longer (because I’ll do anything).

I can’t even tell you how much I’ve loved my time here so far. I really can’t. Since when the end of the month was approaching and it really hit me that it was halfway over, I started to really think about where I am now and where I was when I first arrived.

When I first moved here I had no job, no apartment, and knew no one except for the friend I moved here with.

And there I was, in Galway for Halloween with 5 of the Irish friends that I’ve made since I’ve been here. People who are so easy to get along with. People who I feel like I’ve known for a long time even though I’ve only known them for a few months. People who were so willing to accept two “yanks” into their circle, when many people my age are content with their friend group and don’t have any interest in adding new people to their social circles. I was having an amazing weekend (with surprisingly beautiful weather) in one of my favorite Irish cities that I had been to many times. Back home in Dublin (that sentence still seems weird to say!) I had a cute apartment in an amazing location with great roommates, a job that I absolutely love with coworkers that I get along with really well, actually doing what I studied in school.

To say I’m really feelin’ the luck of the Irish is an understatement.

When I had that moment of realization Halloween night (I sometimes have deep thoughts after having a few libations), I decided that I would do absolutely anything in my power to be able to stay longer than a year. This place just really feels like home now, and I know come April I won’t be ready to leave. So, now that I’m halfway done with my current visa, I’m going to set aside some serious time to look into what my other options are, or even if I have any other options…so wish me luck on that!

Now that Halloween festivities have come and gone, Dublin is all set up for Christmas. Since Thanksgiving isn’t a thing here, Christmas is the next big occasion on the calendar! The mornings are getting crisper, it’s getting darker earlier, the Christmas lights are hung, and the holiday displays are out in stores. It’s holiday season!

So long, October. You have officially ended the 1st half of my adventure here. It was so nice coming home from Croatia and seeing Ireland in full “autumn” mode. I’m not used to living in a place that actually has a fall season! In Louisiana, it goes from miserably hot to a little less hot. Those are our 2 seasons.

So now onto November…not too much planned yet but every month here turns out to be excited and full of activities! Can’t wait to see what the next 6 months hold!

Here is my sixth month of Irish life, in photos!

Dubrovnik, Croatia James Bay concert Cork, Ireland   Cork, Ireland   Cork, IrelandMarket in Split, CroatiaDiplo at The Academy, Dublinjamesbay2   Cork, IrelandCork Jazz Festival
Fall in St. Stephen's greencork4Halloween   Halloween

Dubrovnik, Croatia   Halloween   Snapys