Irish Life // Month #9 recap and photos

Irish life month #9

Ah, what I’ve been secretly dreading…2016 in Dublin.

Of course I had SO MUCH FUN ringing in the new year in Dublin, and there’s a lot of things I’m looking forward to in the next few months, but it being 2016 means I’m even closer to having to leave this wonderful life behind.

That’s right. My visa officially ends at the end of April of this year. So I’m currently trying to figure out a way to stay, and am even looking into some classes to be able to stay as a student.

But besides that semi-stressful endeavor, life here is (of course) wonderful, and January was yet another great month in the Emerald Isle.

January started off great, with ringing in the new year at a concert right around the corner from my apartment, with both Irish friends and friends visiting from back home.

After that, the holidays were officially over and it was back to the good ol’ work routine. We had a few FREEZING COLD days and a few that weren’t so bad, and for a while there I thought the cold weather was officially gone for the year. But THEN we had the leftovers from Storm Jonas and were threatened with yet another winter storm, Storm Gertrude.

So it’s still a bit cold and bleak here, but the days are slowly getting a little longer, and I can see a liiiiiiiitle bit of Spring in the distant, distant horizon.

Besides looking into going back to school in order to extend my visa, another thing that’s kept me busy is looking for another apartment. YEP, that’s right, unfortunately we have to move out of our perfect little apartment in the heart of Dublin so that the landlord’s son can move in.

So upsetting, and also so stressful, because the rental marketing in Dublin is an absolute nightmare and so, so competitive. Not only that, but what makes it even MORE stressful is the fact that everything after April is so up in the air – will I be able to stay, will I have to go? So, that means we’re stuck having to look for a short-term let, just in case.

All this stress about trying to figure out a way to stay and also trying to find a place to live has got me thinking a lot about immigration laws in general. I find that as an American, my choices of being able to move abroad are so limited. For example, the visa that I’m currently on in Ireland is only valid for 1 year. But Canadians, on the exact same visa as me, can stay for 2 years. Everything is so much stricter for Americans! And if you have an EU passport, you can live and work anywhere in the EU with no problem! Imagine..being able to hop on over to a different country and permanently move there with no time limit. THE DREAM.

But January wasn’t just all stress. I had some great nights out, got to explore some more markets around Dublin, ate some amazing food (I think I’ve officially found the best burger in Dublin), and explored more areas of the city. Because no matter what happens, I’ve got to enjoy every second here.

So, once again, here is a recap of my 9th month of Irish life, in photos!

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