The Atlantis Resort on a Budget

How to do The Atlantis Resort on a Budget

The Atlantis Resort on a BudgetI’m sure you’ve all heard of it (most likely from the commercials). The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in The Bahamas. Although the Atlantis Resort really is a paradise, it can be a very expensive one.

This world famous resort would usually be one that is way, and I mean WAYYYY out of my budget. I’m usually more of a “stay-in-a-hostel-and-get-the-cheapest-room” kinda gal. Not only because I’m le poor, but because for most of my travels, I’m barely even IN my hostel, so I don’t like spending too much money on accommodation. I’d rather be out and about spending money on fun things!

But this was an exception because 1. The Atlantis is a RESORT so it was more than just a place to sleep and 2. (and most importantly) MAMA WAS PAYIN!

…Ok, well she got a discount. Because let’s be real, this place is PRICEY. The actual price of the rooms may not have been too bad (we were staying in the cheapest tower) but the price of everything else really adds up. That’s right. This was NOT an all-inclusive resort. As a matter of fact, food and drinks were expensive.

But good news! There are ways to make it as cheap as possible! These are 3 easy ways to do the Atlantis Resort on a budget and make your whole trip a helluva lot cheaper!


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Sun, Sand, & Tequila Sunrises – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Anyone else currently freezing their booties off while reading this post? Ok, so I know its still February… BUT its been cold and rainy here in South Louisiana (and apparently everywhere) so I’m daydreaming about a little summer sun! AND I’m tired of having no tan line WHATSOEVER, so maybe a need a LOT of summer sun. So, I’m reminiscing on some memorable times at the beach. One of the best summer destinations I’ve experienced was when I visited Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.